Cost should never be a barrier between eligible patients and the quality care they need and desire.

How do I pay?

Medicaid, Medicare Part B, and most private insurances cover some or all palliative care services. In some instances, treatments and medications may not be covered and/or may be subject to co-pay.

Myth: Palliative care is expensive.

Truth: Palliative care is covered by Medicaid, Medicare Part B, and most private insurances.

"To see that a company I work for understands the struggles of the world today concerning EVERY situation is overwhelming!"

Sharla Scurlock, Account Executive for Care at Heart - Northwest Mississippi

"I have been extremely impressed by how Care at Heart has maneuvered this COVID-19 business. I have felt very secure as an employee under Carla's leadership. I know this had to be absolutely exhausting and a rush at the same time, they did a beautiful job."

Mary Maguire, Registered Nurse Case Manager for Care at Heart - Western Arkansas

"We received so much more than we expected."

Melvin Davis, Care at Heart Family

"Everyday is a new learning opportunity and I feel comforted to know I have the Care at Heart family to help me along the way."

Sharon Hatten, Care at Heart Family